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All through life,
We hear people lying.
“Life’s too short,
Thats too dangerous,
Thats just stupid”
And all the other
Little things they say.
Y’know what?
Go for it.
Go big,
Or go home.
You are neither,
Dead nor dying,
So why start?
Make your mark.
Go on an adventure,
See the world,
Do what you love,
Read a book,
Write a book,
Watch a film legend,
Hate that film legend,
Make your own film,
Go mountain climbing,
Backpack somewhere,
Go on a road trip
To somewhere you’ve
Never even seen.
We have the world
At our fingertips,
The entire global consciousness,
Exists on the internet.
Nothing can compare,
To seeing those things yourself.
Don’t put off living,
Until its too late to live.
Right now,
You are neither
Dead nor dying.
So live.

—"Dead Nor Dying"
Tyrel Alexander Iron Eyes (via f-r-e-a-m)