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Over thinking is bad for you

Never such a true sentence. I feel so confused, I think it’s because I’m about to go through a transition. I’ve got so used to being a student but at the same time I am sick of it. When I am here too long I feel so down. 

Things have got better, I got off my anti-depressants recently but after a break out went out drinking too much so now am dieting to get rid of all that extra weight.

I just don’t think I ever know where my head is at, all that I am sure of is that I want to see the world - more than anything.

I don’t think I will ever believe in love until I experience it.

Alcohol is just making me feel depressed, I don’t even know why I drink sometimes. 

Right now I just need to get through finishing my degree and start saving to get away! Always missing my family though <3